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New Holiday Arrivals at Tea Collection!

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The month of Thanksgiving, November, has now arrived and Tea Collection are happy to share to everyone their new arrivals for this month!

Let us see what are in store for us this month and for the coming Yuletide season…





Tea Collection’s New Holiday Styles for Girls

Blaues Meer Sweater Dress

This cute sweater dress, this particular style, would be great for my 6yo Little Zoie, good thing Tea Collection offer her age/size.

Johanna Gilded Sateen Dress

Is perfect for my 10-month-old niece…

Tea Collection’s New Holiday Styles for Boys

Bernhard Polo Romper

So cute romper, perfect for our two little boys… my son and my nephew.

Check out Tea Collection’s new holiday arrivals and get discounts!  Happy Shopping!


In Her Newly Bought Long Dress

My Little Zoie is starting to love long dresses now.  I now realize that she knows what she wants in dresses, or whatever she wanted to wear, and now she’s into big girl dresses.

dalagita dress01 dalagita dress02

Sheesh, how time fly so fast!  She has now picked her first big dress and it really suited her well.  Look, she’s already working on her poses.  Haha!

Now, her site’s tagline applies to her… ‘she’s not so little anymore…’

The Cutie Blue Flower Girl

It was my mommy’s, one of my godmothers, wedding day last October 18 and I was quite excited that day.  It has been two years since the last time I participated, as one of the flower girls, in a wedding entourage.

This time mommy is also included in the entourage as one of the secondary sponsors and we are wearing gowns and cocktail dresses in blue with a touch of yellow.

flower girl02

With mommy and ninang Michelle.

I noticed that the entourage started with a few people, I even carry two sign boards, props for the wedding, because one flower has not arrived yet.  Mommy said that the church wanted to start on time because I heard there’s another wedding right after my ninang’s wedding.  It’s just minutes interval, that’s why the church’s coordinator is hurrying to make us start though we are not complete yet.

flower girl01
flower girl03
I know my was so stressed pulling her ‘big day’ together that’s why mommy’s praying that everything will get better on her wedding day, and that day… it was perfect for her…

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