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How To Choose The Right Heels

Models are very fond wearing high heels though they are already so tall.  I my sister-in-law love wearing them but she’s not that gifted when it comes to measuring her height.  I have worn a couple pairs of pumps when I was younger but stopped wearing them when I got pregnant and haven’t worn them since.  Recently, I have come to realize I have to buy at one pair of cheap pumps which can be used for special occasions.

Breathtaking Pink PU Pointed Toe Bow Knot Stiletto Heel Pumps

Lovely pair… ohh, I like!



Now, my dilemma will be… how will I choose the right heels?  These tips I’m sharing will be of help to us high heels shoppers.

Shop wisely.

When shopping, especially for shoes, for me, it better to buy it personally.  So, you will have the chance to properly get to fit the pumps you will get to like.  When fitting, make sure that the shoes are wider than your feet.  Also, try to walk around the store to feel if it feels comfortable with your feet in them.


Admirable Blue Peep Toe Sequin Stiletto Heel Pumps


Begin from low to high.  Wide to Skinny.

When you’re starting to wear pumps again, it is best to start wearing the low ones, 2-3 inches, with wider heels, like the wedges.  Closed shoes first before you wear the strappy ones.  Get the feel of wearing these type of high-heeled shoes first before wearing the ‘highest tower’ of them all, the stilettos.


Beige Gorgeous Suede Closed-toe Chunky Heels Prom Shoes


Fit your shoes.  Get the right size.

Of course, when buying we always have our feet sized with the shoes we are trying.  But remember, to buy the ones that are slightly bigger than your feet because our feet gets to go wider and bigger as we grow old.  Also, it is okay to buy a slightly bigger size because when can add cushions and insoles to make them fit.


These tips can be handy when I buy high-heeled shoes, but as a mom on a budget, I would like to find cheap pumps that will not comprise its quality with its low price.  And I found these great cheap pumps at this girly online store –

Down With Fever, Cough and Colds

Weeks ago her cough started. I just gave her cough syrup and still waiting for it to take effect but we stopped giving it to her after 5 days. As always prescribed by the pedia. She doesn’t have colds back then. Two weeks ago, I have heard that some of her classmates are not attending school because of fever and coughs, and I’m hoping my Little Zoie will not be sick too.

I’m afraid Little Zoie isn’t spared by the trending flu. Today, she went home from school feeling hot and sneezing. She’s sniffing.

sick zoie

I will be staying up all night (what’s new?) and monitor her fever. Already given her paracetamol and more vitamin c. Too bad my honey jar is empty, it will be a great help curing her cough and colds.



The photo is from my Facebook wall, she took a selfie of herself and asked me to post it.  Haha.

Kidecals Infographic: Camp’s Dirty Little Secret

Summer Camp’s Dirty Little Secret
Courtesy of: Kidecals
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