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Shop Girls Citizen Blue Styles at Tea Collection

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Citizen Blue has arrived at Tea Collection!

Globally-inspired, the Citizen Blue collection revisits heritage Tea silhouettes and re-imagines favorite prints from places already visited while also celebrating the in-between places– the magical spots Tea stops at along the way to somewhere else.  Grounded in rich indigo hues, the Citizen Blue collection is a new stylish assortment from not one place, but many, because sometimes the journey is the destination.

As part of Tea Collection’s Citizen Blue debut, I am picking out a couple of their festive outfits put together for this holiday season.  Inspired by the color blue theme, though my daughter’s favorite color is pink, I picked out this items for my little girl.


Winter-Stil Plaid Silk Dress — This dress looks great worn alone, but can also be bundled up with a cozy cardigan or jacket for ultimate winter-stil (winter style).

Ski-Streifen Turtleneck — When a skier goes down a snow-covered mountain, they leave ski-streifen (ski stripes) on their way, which inspired us to create this striped style.

These cool comfy clothes are perfect for the holiday season, shop your Citizen Blue at Tea Collection!

Christmas Vacation in Two Weeks Time

A one week remaining on Little Zoie’s school for this month of December and the little girl is very excited for her Christmas vacation break.  I am a bit confuse if she’s really excited on the break itself or the days before the Christmas break because they’ll be celebrating their Christmas party along with the Grade 2 pupils.

Since December has started, they have been practicing their Christmas presentation and already changed their school time.  All of them are now attending the morning schedule and will be going home at lunch time.  Just like the previous Christmas parties, we will be attending with our kids, and join them in the games, and we’ll be bringing food to share to everyone as well.

Are your kids ready for their Christmas break from school?

Stylish Men’s Clothing at Tidebuy

I know that women loves to shop may it be pricey or cheap.  As for the men, I know they are not immune to wanting to shop but I’m sure most of them would go for cheap clothing.  Great news for these kind of men because Tidebuy cheap men’s clothing online is already available to them.

Tidebuy men’s clothing line is offering wide variety of clothing pieces to choose from.  From shirts to polos, coats and jackets to hoodies, and pants, suits and parkas.  All available to be shopped online.

Let me give you a peek on some key pieces they are offering.  Let’s start with their tops and down to their bottoms.


Brown Lapel Double-Breasted Overcoat

This Brown Lapel Double-Breasted Coat looks so stylish to me.  Not to mention that it is on sale for just $27.39 from its original $101.oo.

Lapel Single-Breasted Shirt

Hmm… a clean looking guy.  This one is a Lapel Single-Breasted is now $12.49 from its original $45.00.


V-Neck Long Sleeve Button-Decorated Men T-Shirt

Love this V-Neck Long Sleeve Button T-shirt and it is just $12.79 from its original price of $45.00.

Men's Water-Proof Outdoor Pants

This Men’s Water-Proof Outdoor Pants is perfect for hubby, from $111.00 is now on sale for just $33.59.

Did you like my selections?  Check out more of their collection at  Shop now while their great deals is on going.

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