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Pair the Season with Tidebuy’s Elegant Bedding Sets

How many times do you change your bedding sets in one season?  For us who lives in a country that only has two kinds of seasons, the wet and dry season, I don’t think changing our bedding sets is any lesser than those who lives in a country with four seasons.

I thinkg that it would be nicer if we change our bed sheets according to the changing of the season, and Tidebuy’s bedding set are perfect for this idea.  Check out their wide selection of cheap bedding sets in this link:

For the cold winter season, all I can think of is Christmas… so with this red and white polka dots, all I can see is a big holiday gift wrapper!  Also, the color tone can make you feel warn in a cold winter-y day.  For only $113.99, you will have a new bedding set for the season. More bedding details here:


Stylish Red and White Dot 100% Cotton 4 Piece Bedding Set



For the spring season… season where plants and flowers bloom, this bedding set is perfect for the blooming days of spring.  Flowers, flowers and lots of flowers here at


Colorful Pink and Blue Floral of Printed 4 Piece Cotton Bedding Sets


For just $129.89, we can see spring season right in our very own room!

Summer is all about beach and lots of sun… would you agree with my choice of summer season representation in this bedding set —

4 Piece Charisma Stripes of Printed 4 Piece Cotton Comforter Sets

I don’t know about you but I can see colors of beach umbrellas widely used during summer.  For just $111.19, this bedding set is one cool beach umbrella on your bed!.

Lastly, the season which the most of the northern hemisphere countries are experiencing right now, fall season.  You know, pumpkin-colored tones is what I have in mind so I’m representing the fall, or autumn, season with this bedding set.

Elegant Jacquard Organge Drill Floral 4 Piece Comforters Bedding Sets

That’s one elegant orange colored bedding — — set for only $101.19.

I think changing bedding sets as your season change is the right thing to do.  It will great affect your everyday moods as soon as you wake in every season bed sheets.



Go Victorian On School Costume Day

The ‘school costume’ day I am referring to is the United Nations school event celebration.  I referred to it as a costume day because not only the students are going to wear a country’s national costume but also the parents, or guardians.  That’s how they celebrate UN day.

As I have written on my previous post, we already have our costumes ready for the said school event this coming October 23.  But if I have more time to prepare and  more budget to exhaust for this costume day, I would go for an England costume.  Oh, how I love to see me and my little girl wear one of those elegant Victorian dresses at least once in my lifetime.  ;-)

The question is… where can I find an adult version of a Victorian dress?  Easy, I found one that I like in this link —  I will still share the Victorian dress, also called Lolita dress, that I like.


Red and Black Pleated Multi-layered Bowknot Ornament Collar Sleeveless Gothic Prom Dress


I know that wearing this dress means people can not see what type of shoes I am wearing, even so I like to pair this complicated dress with a classy pair of pumps, like the one in this gallery —

 High Quality PU Lace Chunky Heels Platform Elegant White Closed-toe Prom Shoes

If this whole Victorian ‘costume’ will be our costume on my daughter’s school event, I definitely wouldn’t mind walking around the hall in it.


Getting Ready for UN School Event

Actually, the United Nations school event will be held on the third week of the month, October 23, but, let’s just say that all the moms are eager to know what country their child are going to represent on the said school event.

Honestly, I am just eager to know because I don’t want to spend on another national costume.  Not that I don’t want to participate, I just wanted to be practical since I already have two costumes she used in the same school event for two years.  Two weeks ago, we were lucky enough to pick one of the easiest national costumes in the lot, the Chinese national costume.  It may be an easy costume but I would rather not buy any more, that’s why I talked to Little Zoie’s teachers and asked if I could change any European country available for us so we can use again the costume we bought and used when she was in Kinder 1.

Here is the Chinese costume, we were supposed to represent.  Just like her UN school event before, it will be a catwalk tandem.  Meaning, one parent or brother, or any representative of the family will partner with their daughter, or son, in the UN catwalk.  Since I don’t want to walk their ‘UN catwalk’, I decided to let her little brother, Matti, to walk with her.  So, that will be 2 costumes in one day.  Not too practical for me.

Last week I talked to her teachers if she could have a European country, which has not picked out from the list yet for us to represent.  Her Kinder 1 UN costume can represent any of these countries:  Germany, Finland, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and more.  As I checked the list, the country Germany was not picked yet, so I told them if we can represent that country instead.  They confirmed to me that we can now represent Germany last week too.

Now, my dilemma… haha, I supposed I should not call it such because it is an easily-resolved problem.  Little brother’s costume.

Actually, his costume has been thought of already before our little ‘country-exchange’ request got confirmed.  His costume will look like this…


I already have the top and the bottom, I whipped up what he already have in his closet.  What I need now is a pair of suspenders and then we are ready! ^_^

By the way, below is Little Zoie’s (any) European costume.  This time, we are Germany!

UN again


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